Complications in Robotic Surgery — Gynecologic Surgery Lecture

Gynecologic Surgery Lecture Reminder — Complications in Robotic Surgery

Dr. Glenn Bigsby and Dr. Jeffrey James will be hosting a Gynecologic Surgery Lecture Series April 27th at the Second Home Kitchen + Bar. Please join us for a bimonthly discussion on the latest in Gynecologic Surgery. Dr. Glenn Bigsby and Dr. Jeffrey James will discuss best practices, common challenges, and the current updates in…


3 Signs of Cervical Cancer

In between Pap screenings, it’s important to know and look out for early signs of cervical cancer. Most women miss the three early signs of Cervical Cancer. Below you can read about a few indicative symptoms of the disease. As scary as it sounds, women with early cervical cancers and pre-cancers usually don’t experience any…


Nutrition Tips to Prevent Cancer

Cancer is caused by DNA mutations inside of the nuclei cells. Here is some information about how nutrition can affect cancer prevention. Cancer dogma holds that most malignancies are caused by DNA mutations inside the nuclei of cells, mutations that ultimately lead to runaway cellular proliferation. Given the countless genetic blips that have been associated…