Reduce The Risk of Ovarian Cancer With Healthy Diet

Studies show the women with the healthiest diets are less at risk of ovarian cancer than those who eat unhealthy. Read more below for more information on reducing cancer.  Women may be able to reduce their risk of ovarian cancer by eating a healthy diet, a new study suggests. “As a high-quality diet is likely…

Do we know what causes vulvar cancer?

Exploring the Causes of Vulvar Cancer

Vulvar cancer is a rare form of cancer. Research is still being conducted on what causes vulvar cancer. However, researchers have made progress in understanding DNA changes in cells in cases of cancer of the vulva. Several risk factors for cancer of the vulva have been identified, and we are beginning to understand how these…

Congress' Attention to Ovarian Cancer Funding

Ovarian Cancer Gets Congress’ Attention

The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance is working towards gathering funding from Congress in order to focus continuing awareness for ovarian cancer all year long.  The bipartisan Congressional Ovarian Cancer Caucus was launched Tuesday in Washington to bring more awareness of and research into a disease that kills more than 14,000 women each year. Representatives Sean…